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All deposits are equal to one months rent
Smoking is prohibited in all our units
No satellite dishes are allowed
Most of our properties are pet friendly!  View pet policy and fees on pg. 3 of the
All tenants are required to carry renters insurance

Click the address of each property below for pictures, video and full info

All of the South Charleston houses are currently rented
Watch for a 2BR 1 bath house on the river to come available around July 1

2609 Gihon Road, Parkersburg WV 26101
South Side of Parkersburg
2-3 bedroom 1 bath house
Large flat yard
$550 plus utilities
This house is not yet available for showing.
Major cleaning must be done before it will be shown.
Please text 304-543-1146 to be added to the list to be notified when it's available for a showing

1035 West Washington Street, Charleston WV
(There is no link for this property yet)
This property was purchased with a
tremendous amount of junk and debris inside
so it will take us a considerable amount of time
to remove everything just to see what remodeling we will need to do.
We have a few other remodels to complete before this one gets started
so the only info I have to give you at this time is the address.
More info will be posted at a later date.
If anyone is crazy enough to want this property as is, I would offer:
Lease Option: $45,000 purchase price, $5000 down (applies to down payment),
$485.31 per month plus taxes and insurance ($40,000 @8% for 10 years).  
Terms are negotiable on all lease options.


5315 Cottage Avenue, South Charleston WV
75' x 120' lot
The front yard is a hill
but there is a flat home site on top.
There are stairs built from the road level up to the home site.
This is OUTSIDE city limits so a mobile or modular home
could be placed there or a new home could be built.
BUY for $15,000 cash
$2000 down and $199.84/month for 10 years

To be notified when rentals come available, visit www.oldworldrentals.com/notify